After a long (and - for some fanatics - long overdue) hiatus, Ford's much-loved Bronco will return for the 2021 model year. While its release is still quite a ways off, and details have remained relatively scarce, some solid information has recently surfaced to give interested parties something to really look forward to. To give you an idea of what the resurrected Bronco will be like, everything we know so far is detailed below.


Key Details


The time is right for the Bronco to make its comeback, especially now that Ford has stopped producing sedans to concentrate on its pickup trucks, utility vehicles, and the Mustang coupe. The Bronco will be built on the same platform as the Ranger, the light truck that was also recently brought back from a long sleep. Based on this, it would follow that the Bronco will get the same engine as the Ranger pickup, a fuel-efficient 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder producing 270 horsepower and 310 pounds-feet of torque. What's more, Ford has stated that they plan to offer a hybrid Bronco that could be powered by the on-board generator used by the F-150 hybrid. As for the transmission, a ten-speed automatic is the probable choice, and rumors suggest there will be an optional manual transmission as well.


Wrangler Competitor


If we're certain about anything, it's that the Bronco will give the Jeep Wrangler a run for its money. Both boast a removable roof and doors as their most unique and sought-after feature. But Ford's goal was to make the removal, storage, and reattachment of the doors more user-friendly than the Wrangler's, which uses screws and bolts that many owners consider fussy and impractical (especially since the hardware can be dropped or otherwise misplaced). Instead, the Bronco's removable doors will be attached by a series of simple latches on both the planned two-door and four-door versions, with enough space in the rear cargo area for storing the detached doors.


Baby Bronco and Possible Bronco Pickup Truck


Ford has made it known that there will at some point (possibly not along with the initial model's release) be a smaller Escape-based version of the Bronco potentially called the Bronco Sport. There may even one day - even if it's years away - be a pickup truck-based version of the Bronco to compete head to head with the Jeep Gladiator, the Wrangler-based pickup that debuted in the spring of 2019. While that's just a rumor, it's a believable one, seeing as Ford is aggressively competing with Jeep.