The AutoFair Ford Brake Service Difference...

When it comes to automobile safety, nothing is more important than an accurately running brake system. Proper and timely brake inspections are necessary to both the safety and efficiency of your vehicle.  At AutoFair Ford of Haverhill, MA we use Ford approved factory parts and brake fluid to keep the braking system of your vehicle operating efficiently.

Your Complete Brake Service Includes:
 LIFETIME Brake Pad Warranty on Ford Brake pads.
Fluid services available with Lifetime Warranty through Valvoline.
Certified brake technicians perform all of the work.
The Your Complete Brake Service Includes

You should always have a brake inspection if your brake pedal begins to travel farther towards the floor before stopping your vehicle. At AutoFair Ford of Haverhill, MA, our service department is staffed with certified Ford brake technicians who are here to ensure that your brakes are working in perfect order. We will also be checking the condition of your tires at the same time. Worn tires will cause your brakes to work harder, when you bring your vehicle to a stop and will ultimately lead to excessive wear on your brake pads. An early indication of this is the presence of brake dust residue on your wheel rims.

If you start to see brake dust on your wheel rims, you should schedule a brake inspection at AutoFair Ford of Haverhill, MA. It is best to avoid waiting until your brakes start to squeal or the whole front end of your vehicle begins to shake when you apply the brakes. At AutoFair Ford of Haverhill we're here to assist you with all your brake needs. We'll make sure you don't have any leaks or air in your brake system. What's more, if any part of your braking system needs replacement, we'll only use only Ford approved parts to replace your calipers, rotors and brake pads. We also expert brake service and repairs on the brake systems on many different makes and models. 

Discover for yourself the AutoFair Ford of Haverhill, MA Service Difference for brake inspections and repairs. With many years of professional auto service experience in the New England area, our trained service advisor staff is here to answer any question you may have about your vehicle and brake system. What's more they are here to help you through the entire service process. We offer convenient same day appointments and free shuttle service too.

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